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With more than 38 years in the market, we serve over 650 national and international companies. We recruit more than 2,000 candidates every month and employ 7,000 people in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.


Leaders in developing and implementing the best solutions for our clients. Certified ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Integral Service

Guaranteed flexibility and adaptability in all our services through the application of the latest technology and candidate-selection methodologies.

Jobiis can provide the right people, just for the period of time you need them.

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Whether you seek a single assistant for a one-day or 50 sales associates for your new business, we can provide the talent you need. Our staffing services will save you time and money and give you added flexibility to manage your workforce competitively.

How do we work?

1. Analizing

We partner with our clients to define the requirements for each job, the specific skills needed for the position, and the professional profile desired.

2. Sourcing

We advertise the job opportunity through our website, social media, search engines, and job boards, and advance the selection process with the most innovative selection techniques in the industry.

3. Screening

Jobiis preselects the top candidate profiles, conducts initial written and verbal tests, and cross-references resumes to ensure they meet your requirements.

4. Selecting

Our in-person interviews and skill testing focus on finding the best fit for your search and your company’s culture.

5. Hiring

Based on your job description and using our rigorous selection process, we hire candidates that will help your company grow.

6. Onboarding

We ensure your new hires are welcomed, inducted, trained, and ready to make an immediate impact on your business.

Our recruitment process follows a thorough analysis of our client’s needs, the specific skills needed for each position, and the unique culture of the company. The result is selecting candidates that are the best possible match for the job.

After a strict selection process conducted by trained psychologists, we will present a comprehensive report about the top candidates that are the best fit for the position and your organizational values.

Jobiis has developed a large database and an extensive network of highly skilled associates in Latin America that can be readily placed at top executive positions or temporary clerical jobs, using cutting-edge technology that makes our process fast and highly efficient.

Language Validation

Each candidate must successfully complete two specific evaluations: a Grammatical Central Test (Gramma, orthography, and vocabulary) and an Oral Test conducted by a native-English speaker recruiter.

Follow Up

We offer an on-going performance evaluation program for each candidate, to ensure the best result at each role.


Each candidate will have the skills, tools, and support to perform remotely at its best.

Outsourced Offices

The personnel you hire will be located at our offices and supervised by Jobiss.

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